Silver Island Yoga

This year I was extremely fortunate to have been invited to work with the very talented Scott Grummett ( as we embarked on a trip to shoot a recipe book for the Silver Island Yoga retreat (; an exclusive retreat promoting healthy living, teaching yoga, and offering delicious healthy food, run by the lovely Corne and Lissa in the azure Aegean sea off the the coast of Greece.

We arrived in Athens, and after a series of early morning taxis and buses, arrived in Orei, a small coastal town where we were to spend the evening before our water taxi the next morning to the island with the other guests. It was here that the photo journey began..

After an evening spent exploring the small town and its faintly old-world, dilapidated atmosphere, and having gorged ourselves on fish and meat (in the knowledge that the next week was going to be a fully vegetarian experience) we awoke early to leave from our room in the only hotel in the town, to meet the guests who would be staying on the island with us, and to be ferried across the bay to the island paradise which awaited.

Two of my favourite moments came on two consecutive nights. The sky being so clear there, I had set out determined to capture some star trails over the island, when on one occasion, a huge and very violent electrical storm surrounded the island, but missed us completely. The sky all around was full of thunder and forks of lightning, and as if in the eye of the storm, I remained completely dry and able to capture just a little of the amazing sight.

The second moment was similarly on a trip to the lighthouse at the other end of the island to see if I could snaffle a 5 hour exposure showing the rotation of the earth, above a derelict sheep shed from the turn of the century. Having set up, I was just painting the building with light when I heard the faintest of rustles above my head and an enormous Eurasian Eagle Owl swooped in to perch right in the centre of the shot. I frantically painted him as much as i could with my rather dim torch, whilst trying to extract my flash from my bag without frightening him away. Sadly I ran out of time and he got bored of me waving my torch at him and flew off as silently as he had arrived. I like to think it was my melodic whistling which brought him close in the first place..