Danny, Kaye and the Hoss

When Danny and his wife Kaye decided to up sticks from England and move themselves to France, they did so with the intention of living 'off-grid' as much as they could. The last few years have seen them moving away from the frills of modern life to a more simple existence, living almost entirely self-sufficiently, growing their food, heating the house with collected firewood, and they now find themselves doing all they can to keep the use of their little van to a minimum. They acquired a fine cart horse, and a beautiful old carriage, and have since been using it to go to market, for shopping, and indeed to visit friends. I was lucky enough to witness this quaint, but utterly endearing spectacle when they visited us. What struck me most was Danny's relationship with his horse; to him it is not merely a mode of transport, but an integral part of their eco-existence, and of course a good friend. Long live the good life!