A solo exhibition of photography from India, presenting an impression of the diverse yet transient nature of culture in a volatile region.

The Borough Barista is delighted to present An Inflection of India, a solo exhibition of new work by award-winning, London-based photographer, Jack Fillery.
The exhibition includes a series of limited edition artworks from Fillery’s recent travels on the Indian subcontinent, documenting the photographer’s reaction to contrasts of cultural existence and the sense of belonging.
The five week long exhibition at The Borough Barista in London’s St James comprises of 22 photographs taken across India in January 2014.
The prints, shot in a limited colour palette, are intended to offer an alternative perspective to typical artistic expectations of India, which Fillery argues often present a rose-tinted view of the country. An Inflection of India, by contrast, aims to offer a more honest and uncompromising opinion of a nation that is the photographer feels is characterised by polar forces of disorder and unity in equal measure.
An Inflection of India offers Fillery’s perspective on the challenges facing contemporary India, as its varied and long-standing customs struggle to maintain their existence when set against the backdrop of a rapid cultural transition. For a nation that is often seen as a bastion of tradition, its conflict with modernity presents what Fillery believes is a fascinating artistic subject.
Jack Fillery, photographer, speaking about ‘An Inflection of India’ said: “Despite the chaos and its infinite cultures and personalities, everything in India feels like it belongs where it is – nothing, nor nobody seems out of place or irregular. But the balance of this harmony is in doubt, as the country struggles with its ever-evolving sense of identity and faces new challenges as it emerges as one of the world’s economic powerhouses.
The exhibition focuses on the diversity of people in India, presenting an insight into their lifestyles and relationship with the natural and built environment, both of which are threatened by forces of globalisation and rapid development.  
Fillery continued: “India is, at the same time both embracing and resisting the encroachment of a global culture. As a photographer, it is at once a strangely sad and exhilarating experience to find yourself witnessing a society and a people whose traditions and lifestyle are being lost.
I felt the need - almost a responsibility - to capture the beauty of the ordinary and the everyday, to document the simplicity of existence in a land so steeped in romance and mythology and cultural difference.”
An Inflection of India opened on 22nd May 2014 (6pm – 9pm) and will run daily at The Borough Barista in St James for 5 weeks thereafter, from 22nd May until 1st July 2014, with a finissage closing event ont the 3rd July. To attend the finissage  private viewing, please contact Jack Fillery (details below). Prices of all the limited edition photographs within the exhibition are available upon request.

The Borough Barista is located at 15 Charles II Street, St James, London, SW1Y 4QU. Nearest tube station: Piccadilly.  The opening hours are 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)

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Example photographs
To see electronic samples photographs from the exhibition, please click on the link below. High-resolution and print versions of all photographs are available upon request.
 HYPERLINK "http://www.jackfillery.com/press-preview-gallery" http://www.jackfillery.com/press-preview-gallery

About Jack Fillery
Jack Fillery is an award-winning photographer based in Peckham, London. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and was recently shortlisted for the Professional Photographer Magazine's Professional Photographer of the Year award. Commercially, he focuses on travel, portrait and food photography. His artistic exploration is furthered through personal work, ranging from still life to wildlife photography.